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I am a web designer, I’ve made user experience teams for companies, to help improve their customer experience. But I do lots of other things, and this blog shows some of my ideas, experiments, prints, paintings, and user experience design.

Space Oddity

Painting atlantis logo on wing

Thinking about branding at the moment and was reminded of this great photo of painting Atlantis name onto the space shuttles wing. Back when NASA was still using the ‘worm logotype’. Unit editions have printed the guidelines in their ‘Manual 1 Design & Identity Guidelines.’ NASA have also shared the guidelines here.

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david bowie in anthony price suit

Diamond dogs …with kill appeal, Sashay on the boardwalk, scurry to the Ditch, just another future song, lonely little kitsch.

Gala Mitchell and Ernie Thormahlen dressed up by Anthony Price, whilst David Bowie sits in one of his suits. David Bowie and Mick Ronson produced the album.

everything transformed…

History of the Brockwell Lido

Tabitha’s history of the Brockwell Lido


The Brockwell Lido has been going since 1938. We all like the Lido’s fresh water and on summer days its very nice and cool. A range of people have chosen this place because its very cooling in the summer and its busy over the years.

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a fleeting rather joyous moment

John Rawlings photo of Sunny Harnett in the apartment of architect Jose-Luis Sert, Vogue November 15, 1952

Who has an Anthony Calder sculpture in their living room? Josep Lluís Sert

Ideal Mix – thoughts on the UX design process

Retro Book cover featuring David Byrne of Talking Heads


The explosion of management theory in the 1990’s as pointed out in ‘One market under God’ by Thomas Frank, has created a situation where every one has a better theory than the previous person. This makes me nervous about writing a few posts about UX processes. So I don’t want them to be too theoretical but practical. I also want to credit lots of people along the way, because there are so many clever people out there who have already solved these problems. But I think as a manager you are always looking to find a better way of working. I think as new software becomes available you can practically solves some of the old recurring problems.

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Spectre of the Gun

Mr Spock using the scanner on the bridge

SPOCK: Fascinating.

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The Peripheral


‘He seemed genuinely mild, amiable, but also singularly alert, in some skewed way, as if there were something else looking out, around corners, swift and peripheral…..
And the peripheral thing was right there, peering around some inner angle, taking her measure.’ Zero History p.70 & 71

has become…

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