I  create lovely, visually appealing online experiences, with a solid understanding of user-centred design principles.

At AOL I created a modular web design solution for a complete redesign of the UK portal. I developed a consistent brand and visual language across AOL Europe. At IPC magazines I introduced the full range of user experience design processes, from reviewing website taxonomies, building sitemaps, wire framing and prototyping. Next I worked at Seren a service design consultancy where I  developed methods and processes to ensure that brand’s stories were told successfully through all channels. Currently I am working as the Head of User Experience for the Digital team at Barclays UK Retail Banking.

Head of Customer Experience, Digital Banking  March 2013- Present

Creating a team of engaged autonomous designers. Whose skills and expertise will develop and grow UX design at Barclays. With the purpose of creating the best customer experiences.

Seren Partners Ltd November 2010 – March 2013

Principle Consultant October 2011 – 2013

Develop the design process at Seren, manage the visual designers, and improving creativity.

Consultant November 2010 -October 2011

Halftonehouse Ltd February 2010

Freelance web designer.

IPC Media August 2007 – Dec 2009

Lead Web Designer

Working centrally across all divisions of IPC Media, I reported to Andy Cowles (Editorial Development Director). I was responsible for delivering a wide range of IPC websites, championing web design best practices in IPC.

  • Developing IPC web design processes
  • Website Redesign
  • Brand Development

AOL June 2000 – July 2007

AOL EU Senior Portal Designer June 2006 – Jan 2007

Seconded to the EU portal team to develop a European Homepage proposition. I was the design lead responsible for creating prototypes using an agile working process to reduce the time to market. I worked with an extended design team in France, Germany and UK. The EU portal team also worked on the development of AOL EU New Geographies project, which involved launching AOL portals into new European countries.

  • Introduced new iterative approach to design at AOL EU
  • Minimised dependency on PRD and DRD through rapid prototyping
  • Designing and delivering scalable solutions
  • Improved awareness of innovation across company
AOL UK Senior Designer : Project Trinity Jan – June 2006

Responsible for redesigning AOL UK portal. Managing the designers and processes, working with the editorial team and developers to deliver a web standards based design in six months.

  • Developed a modular design solution based on a standard grid
  • Designed a platform that could support the adoption of the best new web technology by AOL UK
  • Was responsive to continually changing requirements, delivering robust solutions
  • Delivered a design solution that met the European business requirements
AOL UK Senior Designer: Project Restart Oct 2005 – Feb 2006

Developed the interface and functionality for the AOL Welcome screen publishing system, ‘Restart’. The tool recovered its development costs from the increased ad sales within its first year. Personally saw the development from initial mock-ups through to the final delivery.

  • Created AOLUK’s first WYSIWYG content management system
  • Mentored design and development resources, introducing new approaches to creative problem solving
  • Delivered AOL first time based content management system
AOL UK Senior Designer 1999 – Jan 2006

Created the visual design for many of the AOL Channel areas, and AOL software. Managed three members of the design team, creating high quality, interactive visual designs. Overseeing the work through the department, from the allocation to delivery of projects. Reviewing and approving design concepts if any creative input was required.

  • Worked with the team that transferred AOL proprietary Rainman technology to HTML
  • Integrating commercial partners into the AOL service, from match.com to Sky broadcasting
  • Managed the integration the rebranding of AOL by Wolff Ollins.
  • Working with external design agencies to ensure their work met AOLs design requirements

OCC 1997 – 1999

Multimedia Designer

Worked on a wide range of CD-Rom products and then web based products creating multimedia presentations of research by pharmaceutical companies. For  example Atacand a drug used to treat high blood pressure.

  • Designing Graphical user interfaces for software tool
  • 3D modeling for animations and backgrounds in the product
  • Creating a visual design complimenting the brand strategy