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Examples of my professional work

Ideal Mix – thoughts on the UX design process

Retro Book cover featuring David Byrne of Talking Heads


The explosion of management theory in the 1990’s as pointed out in ‘One market under God’ by Thomas Frank, has created a situation where every one has a better theory than the previous person. This makes me nervous about writing a few posts about UX processes. So I don’t want them to be too theoretical but practical. I also want to credit lots of people along the way, because there are so many clever people out there who have already solved these problems. But I think as a manager you are always looking to find a better way of working. I think as new software becomes available you can practically solves some of the old recurring problems.

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Evolving the user experience of a corporate website

3D diagram of Barclays pages

Large corporate website are constantly changing. New products to promote, and new commercial goals. The users needs change from desktop to mobile, from mouse to touchscreen, from static to dynamic. An existing web site can begin to look tired, staid and incoherent. Over time each area of the site has created a solution unique to their needs, and so has moved away from the simple templated site of the original. It  begins to feel as if design and the user experience is becoming arbitrary. Every one starts getting nervous and asking for a redesign.

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Code is poetry


With a corporate bank there are many conflicting sources of design and creative direction. So having gathered the users needs, understood the sites objectives, discussed the functional specifications and content requirements the project has to navigate through the corporations design culture. This culture is always changing, like a river. Reading Bill Buxtons, ‘Sketching User Experience’ he has a chapter called a River Runs Through It, were he says,’for some reason, whenever I think of corporate vision, I think of Norman Macleans book, A river Runs Through It.’

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Barclays Omake

Concept for Barclays rewards intro screen

This is a concept idea for making banking more engaging. I am using the idea of a points rewards system to reflect the users engagement with Barclays products and services. It may be possible to then associate these omake with a financial reward. Omake is japanese for  extra, bonus, discount and I am using it as a metaphor instead of the usual wallet metaphor which is always associated with digital payments. A wallet places the emphasis on the storage of rewards, just abstractly visualising the rewards focuses the user on the benefits. It is an experiment with a  game like display that may make the user more engaged? I have chosen a simple metaphor of filling a board/grid with coloured squares representing the rewards (omake) the user has earned and achieved. I hope this makes it clear to the user that the bank is recognising their achievements by rewarding the user when they have accomplished something. It has to be integrated with all the bank site, rather than trying to build a hub that the user is pointed to.

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Collage of Barclays taskviews

I wish I had run more workshops at Barclays, as its a great way to get inside the teams head, and where their thinking is. These are my notes from a workshop I ran in January 2014. It is also just to enjoy ‘thinking work’. Denkarbeit. The team spend so much time creating material I wonder when they have time just to think broadly about banking as an experience.

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UX Pumpkin of Truth

Pumpkin of Truth

I was asked to explain UX to another team in the online banking department. The department had a fancy dress day for Halloween. So  I made a little website to describe a few aspects of the discipline of UX with a Pumpkin of Truth theme. A bit like a magic eight ball, but a pumpkin. Embarrassingly I also spent the whole day wearing a blue homemade papier mache pumpkin on my head.

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ABC Design Info graphics

infographic chart on the opportunity gap

Thinking about info graphics, one of my criticisms has been that we don’t spend enough time thinking about the organisation of the information in our finished design. We tend to place it all down in one go. This often leads to congested designs that aren’t easy to scan or navigate. I came across this graphic which I quite like, but I think its doing a few things really well.

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