History of the Brockwell Lido

Tabitha’s history of the Brockwell Lido


The Brockwell Lido has been going since 1938. We all like the Lido’s fresh water and on summer days its very nice and cool. A range of people have chosen this place because its very cooling in the summer and its busy over the years.


People have used the waters for all types of things, like diving. But there are no diving boards now.


The lido was run by two guys, Paddy Castledine and Casey McGlue, who my Daddy remembers from when he used to visit the lido with his friends. Daddy liked the lido so much it was why he decided to live here in 1999.

lido-1996-002 lido-1996-003 lido-1996-004

Now it is much more crowded than the 1990’s, but I like to go with my friends. I go mostly in spring and summer ¬†because it is nice and cool.¬†